FITness for YOU.

Fitness is always about me. And for me, it’s always about you.

No I’m not trying to confuse you, like my clients think I am when I ask them to do two physical things at once (i.e. coordination). I’m actually trying to make it simple.

The reason I’m a Personal Trainer is because I actually found a “job” in some “thing” that I “love”. I LOVE working out. I love sweating. I love feeling like an athlete. I love proving to myself that I’m stronger, both mentally and physically, than I ever give myself credit for. I love defying age. Defying expectations.

And even better, I get to call “work” : helping people realize how much they love working out too. How lucky am I? I get to motivate people to love training. I get to watch them love what training does to their body, on the inside and out.

home page photo of me

Little known secret, I get to train with them too!