About M.E.

Training for ME?

M.aria E.vans
I’m going to start by telling you a few things about M.E. that people close to me didn’t even know when I wrote this.

Training for me started in 2013. At least that’s when I started using it the way I consciously do now — as therapy. It’s also the reason it means so much to me and why I wanted to pursue it as a career. I’m a product of how medicinal exercise can be to every day life challenges. Maybe persistent ones like anxiety and eating disorders (under and over eating), or quicker passing ones like the “nagging, overbearing boss” or the “constantly disappointed(ing) partner that you can’t help but love anyway”.

Trust me, I may come across as having it all together. Always ‘posting’ my best. But I’m no different than any one of you, I just RAN from my problems well. Too scared of what they would do to me.

Look for yourself. What do you notice? Run. Run. Run. Physically…emotionally?

There was a monumental day in my life that I can look back at now and see where I lost myself. February 22, 2013. My 26th birthday. I went for a run with my best friend, my guardian, my companion. It was raining and I didn’t care. I had to escape. 011881197e49b981759b6b953160d06ca4b769ca7f

And I’ll leave the rest to history.

So now let me tell you about the Maria Evans (M.E.) that was saved by fitness. I may have ran for a while, but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have the drive and love I do now for helping people run for the right reasons.

Life is far but easy. I get that. I also get the power of fitness. The power of how gratifying it is. The power of how therapeutic it is. How it brings people together, makes us uncomfortable as we let down our guard and feel vulnerable. How fun it is when our nieces/nephews, or daughters/sons want to participate. How easy it can feel, when put in the perspective of things in the world we can’t control.

So today, this is what fitness looks like for M.E. and I really hope you consider joining my training-therapy-revolution and let me embarrass myself being a dork in front of you…