Don’t let your birth date determine how you look, how you feel or how you function.

Just because the body has a natural aging progression, this doesn’t mean we can’t keep it feeling young in the process. Staying mobile, flexible, maintaining a strong core and focusing on balance – all things that are important for the body at all ages of life. You don’t have to take yoga classes or lift heavy weights, to stay fit with age. And understandable, the gym can be an intimidating place.

But you don’t have to avoid exercise in fear of getting hurt. Nor do you have to avoid exercise equipment and machines in confusion of how it works. You simply have to learn what is right for your body, right now.

This is where I come in! Currently I partner with Residential Retirement Communities like Canvas Valley Forge where I assist on-site as a “fitness concierge”. This essentially means I help residents with appropriate stretching, exercise plans, and questions pertaining to equipment. Like having your own personal assistant at the gym!


I privately train at Assisted Living Communities as well focusing on mobility, balance and body weight strength. Independence is a lot more manageable when you can care for yourself. Exercise is a sure way to help stay independent with age. Many clients have special exercise needs, or areas of focus, due to neurological-based conditions that tend to come with aging. If it involves any muscle, I can help.

Additionally, I am available in more of a private one-on-one meeting at your local community center, private gym (if non-staff trainers are welcome) and home.

Call or email me and we can figure something out! Anything is better than nothing.