Pop-up bootcamps all spring, summer and fall long! Bring the hubby/wifey, or tell a fit-friendly friend. Better yet, drag someone along who doesn’t want to come! I’ll make them leave loving you in the end.

Class includes 60-minutes of work (exercise), followed by a yoga-inspired cool down with stretching. If you would go to a gym, you can come to my class. As a trainer I know how to modify exercises for all levels, all bodies and even past/current injuries. And who cares if that’s you needing the modification. If I sense you’re embarrassed I’ll start to act even more child-like to deflect any judgmental attention you’re probably not even getting. Trust me, we all have insecurities. Let’s run them into the ground.


Thinking of hosting your own Bootcamp but need the trainer and equipment?

Contact M.E. today to learn how we can make it happen.


For me, it’s feeling like the team captain again. A mad scientist of exercise types and series. A coach orchestrating the best play yet. A motivator inspiring new found strength to be discovered.

Most classes are “H.I.I.T” in style and are structured using stations that participants rotate through, completing specific “physical” perimeters before moving forward. As mentioned above perimeters are fluid based on individual athletic abilities and health conditions.

H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training. WHAT’S H.I.I.T >>