Spring is in the air and we all fear what that means. Less clothes, more social settings and bad, bad beach food.

For a limited time I’m offering a 20% OFF discount when you sign-up for private training with a partner.

Not only is training with someone else more fun, but the competition is motivating! So get that husband home from work, tell the kids to keep to themselves, and let’s make your neighbors envy you.

Of course you are wondering “but what if my house/apartment is small and I don’t own more than a Yoga Mat and hand weights?” Well what good would a mobile trainer be without a SUV full of equipment and imagination for turning any space into a gym. Plus, who wants to be inside anyway? Mother nature is my favorite fitness studio.

Contact me TODAY to get in on it >>

…hurry, I can smell the jersey shore from here. And no my loves, that is not my boyfriend.