Take it from them…



~ Weight Loss and Endurance Training Client

Maria does a fantastic job developing an at-home workout program that helps me lose weight and focus on my core. Her weekly program is fun, engaging, and upbeat. Maria’s energy and flare create an engaging experience like no other.



~ Bootcamp Client

Maria is very positive, encouraging and supportive in a genuine and heartfelt way. Maria wants a healthy attitude in your mind, body, soul and spirit and does all that she can to inspire those goals. Maria lives what she teaches and truly wants the best for every individual she trains. Maria genuinely cares about you, helping you have fun and working your body to the degree you want it worked. She is so cute, bubbly and motivating!


~ Weight Loss, Therapy and Flexibility Client

I had a bad back, but needed to start exercising. I needed help to ease into exercise safely, needed motivation, but also needed results. In came Maria! In short, she’s the best. In long, Maria provided motivation and support to exercise. Would even text me some challenges on off days. Made exercise fun. You have to see it for yourself, it’s hard to explain. She created fun, unique exercises. I bought over 20 hours, and no hour was a repeat of the past. She helped me lose weight, get stronger, and feel better. Most important to me personally, she helped me relieve back pain. Some days I couldn’t do anything, so we’d just stretch. Every session ended with great stretches for my back anyway. Maria really knows what works there. She provided positive energy and good feelings. Always a good experience.

She’s the real deal folks. And last, if you do have her train you, ask her to sing the rocky theme.



~Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss & Training Client

Maria has been helping me get my post-baby body back in shape. She’s great at creating full-body, toning-based workouts that only take 30 minutes. This is critical in my life because I never have enough time in one day! She’s kid friendly too, so it’s no problem if my 3-year-old is running around trying to get involved while we workout. I’m able to give back to me, without feeling bad for leaving the kids home.

~ Strength Training and Running Coach Client

I am so grateful for the opportunity to train with Maria! I watched her at the gym for months and finally decided to have her train me when she left to train privately on her own. She has enabled me to push myself out of my comfort zone and complete exercises/strength training I never would of tried on my own. I’ve enjoyed training with her so much that I am signing up for additional sessions! Recently I even got my sister-in-law to join in on partner sessions and we completed our first 5K together!


~ Weight Loss and Endurance Training Client

As a former division athlete, I gained lots and lots of weight in my 30’s. I met up with Maria in 2017 and trained twice a week for months. She’s great at keeping you motivated, keeping high energy and generally makes the session fun and go by fast. I liked that she pushed my limits and knew what I was capable of given the college training I had – made me work hard, and fast. I’ve lost 75 lbs from exercise and diet changes. I think that indicates she may be fairly good at what she does.


~Strength Training Client + High School Mentee

Don’t come half prepared or you won’t make it. Maria provides a great, killer strength and endurance workout session, in a nice open environment. If you haven’t already tried one of her sessions and are looking for a challenge, I highly recommend you sign up now.



~ Strength Training Client

Maria is an awesome trainer! Unfortunately I was only able to train with her for a few months but in the time I did train with her I found her workouts to be challenging and exciting. There was never a boring session or one that was repetitive. If you want a trainer that will just let you go through the motions and fake the funk for a paycheck then she isn’t the one. She will push you and keep pushing you if it looks like you are slacking. No quitting here. Finally she has a great personality and is fun to work out with so that made it even easier to get the energy up needed for one of her workouts!


~ Weight Loss and H.I.I.T Client

Maria has been nothing but amazing!! I started training with her recently and she’s been one of the best trainers I’ve worked with. She’s always on top of her fitness game, pushes & motivates me! It’s nice to meet someone so passionate about what they do too. And to too everything off- she’s super responsive if I have a question about fitness in general. I’ve already been seeing inches come off my waist, so you know she’s good. If you’re looking for a reliable, positive and awesome trainer, I’d highly recommend Maria!!