your mobile gym

MOBILE = I come to you. Routine ready, equipment in-hand, when the time is best for you. And please don’t use me as a criteria for if you’re “in shape enough” to be one of my clients.

Being in shape is a mindset, circling around how hard you are willing to push yourself. One of my oldest, most previously injured clients is one of my strongest, most form-focused clients, yet he thinks he’d measure up as the “old dude”. Some of my female clients who just had babies (1…or 8 years ago), work harder to have hot bods than the college kids who have a 99% guarantee rate of a 6-pack if they do 10 sit-ups a day.

My only criteria is for you, is to show up for yourself. Let me handle the rest.


I come to your house and we find the most suitable place to make a gym! Or maybe you are one of the lucky few that already has a gym setup, in which case we use your at-home gym. We get to know each other, talk about goals, past accomplishments/issues and figure out an approach that works best for you. Maybe you want to lose weight, get better at your golf game, run a race, work on being more mindful, or just want a workout partner! Although they look different, our bodies are all the same.


Not much different than Private 1v1 Training, except there are two of you! This means the routine I create is based on training two of you, at once. It may include partner-based exercises that you do together, exercises that you rotate through equally but individually, or exercises that are tailored to meet each of your individual needs (doing them separately).


Weather permitting…I do have my limits. I have permission to use certain parks and trails in Montgomery County. That said, there’s nothing I love as much as working out, as I do being outside. So let’s find a park and call it a date. I can’t promise you will like me very much at the end though.


Depending on the gym, I also come to your current gym to train/workout with you. This is simply an alternative to training in your home/outside with my equipment. Gym rules must allow this however. I have no interest in unfriendly fire. Typically I do this at apartment buildings, senior living retirement communities, private residential gyms, etc.


Although this is not my primary area of focus (or expertise), I do understand that the two work hand-in-hand. I have experience helping clients with weight loss specific to diet and nutrition, so I can certainly provide service in that area. I love to cook. And healthy food does actually taste good (when prepared right). Body weight and body fat have so much to do with diet. But I will be the first to admit I have a sugar-filled diet and addiction to carbs, so if “practice what you teach” was the requirement, I would fail.

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